Parliamentary Invitational Tournament of Champions - April 25-26, 2012

The Gold Standard Tournament

Greetings Parli Competitors!

Parli has arrived! It's catching on like wild fire across the country. Competitors are asking for information so here it is! This year 30 Parli teams will compete for the Stoa Parli Championship. The tournament will take place April 25-26, 2012, in Colleyville, TX. The teams will be selected based on Ranking Points from tournaments during the 2011 - 2012 competition year.


The Top 30 teams will be chosen based on their top three tournament placement points. Rankings will be posted on the PITOC site.

In an effort to accommodate our Tournament Directors who are willing to implement Parli into their schedules this year, any tournament with a minimum of three rounds will be considered by the PITOC committee. Tournament Directors must Submit their Parli tournament results to PITOC 2012 Results.

Results in SpeechRanks will not be used to determine qualifications and there is no Green Check Mark required to be eligible for PITOC 2012 only points are required!

All Tournament Results must be Submitted no Later than

March 31, 2012

All Invitations will be emailed the first week of April

Registration will be open April 1 - April 11, 2012